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B.BOX Classic

B.BODY Classic

B.SPOT, incl. Fixing Strap and B.GRIP


The BEMER Classic Set makes no compromises in terms of performance and usability. Its high quality and easy-to-connect basic equipment make the BEMER Classic Set particularly suitable for entry-level users.

The control unit B.BOX Classic supports all available application modules, which can be ordered according to your individual needs. All standard treatment functions – for example, the sleep programme and three pre-set programmes for especially intensive treatments – are included with the BEMER Classic Set.

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B.BOX Professional


B.SPOT incl. Fixing Strap & B.GRIP


B.LIGHT incl. Protective Goggles,B.SCAN, Wall Mount, Foot Protection, Car Power Cable

The BEMER Pro Set is the all-inclusivepackage for your Physical Vascular Therapy. The equipment leaves nothing to be desired. The control unit B.BOX Professional in particular impresses with its exceptionally sleek design and well-conceived ergonomics. The large, clearly arranged screen display is easy to operate and also makes it possible to control up to two application devices simultaneously and independently of each other. In addition to its revolutionary control unit, the BEMER Pro Set includes a comprehensive set of application modules and accessories. The various application modules conduct the BEMER signal, generated in the control unit, directly to the areas of the body needing treatment.


EWOT - Exercise with Oxygen

EWOT BASIC (Bag, 1 Mask, Tubing, Mask Cleaner and Pulse Oximeter Included)

EWOT BASIC with standard mask
EWOT BASIC with Medical Grade mask
EWOT BC ALTITUDE with standard mask
EWOT BC ALTITUDE with Medical Grade mask

Oxygen Generator purchased separately



Nano Vi Eco 60-Minute Treatment Time

NanoVi Pro 30-Minute Treatment Time

NanoVi EXO 15-Minute Treatment Time

The NanoVi Eco™ is the most economical way to bring the benefits of NanoVi™ technology right into your home. The simple touch screen and handy remote control for decorative lights make it easy to set yourself up for a relaxing session that promotes cellular health and relieves oxidative stress damage .

The NanoVi Pro™ is the perfect trade off between price and performance. It is the number one choice of both private and professional NanoVi™ users.

The NanoVi Exo™ is the newest and most powerful NanoVi™ option. It is twice as powerful as the Pro, or four times more powerful than the Eco.


Light Therapy

Interested in having your own equipment at home? Let us help you with training, experience and home installation so you have the technology available anytime.