PDT-LED & BOA Max Session


PDT-LED & BOA Max Session

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Choose the BOA Max Program from below to experience this State of the Art Compression Garment, sit back and relax while our PDT-LED Treatment offers you the benefit of facial rejuvenation. LED Light Therapy using red, blue, Infrared or Red-Blue light is able to stimulate the skin cells fibroblasts into producing more collagen. This will firm and smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

Lipolysis & Cavitation

A series of algorithms for lymphatic drainage and compression massage. Especially effective after Cryoshaping or similar cryolipolysis.

Slimming & Cellulite

  • An algorithm designed for slimming therapy and anti-cellulite prophylaxis.

  • Aesthetics, Rehabilitation & Wellness prevent the development of cellulite.

  • Stops the accumulation of cellulite and fluids*

  • Shape legs, abdomen & buttocks.

  • Strengthen loose skin (post pregnancy/weight loss).

Lymphatic Drainage

  • Lymphatic Drainage is consistent with manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) techniques designed by Dr. E. Vodder.

Sport Massage

An algorithm producing a series of strong compression massage in combination with pulsating massage.*


Lymphatic drainage massage used specifically for relaxation therapy, “heavy legs” syndrome, and varicose veins prophylaxis.*

Other Benefits

  • Prevent and eliminate varicose veins in the first stage.

  • Relieve “heavy legs”

  • Accelerate recovery from exercise

Session Cost depending on Time

45-Minute Session & 60-Minute Sessions

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