What Is Biohacking?

"Biohacking (verb, noun): bio·hack·ing | \ ˈbī-ō-ˌha-kiŋ 

Definition of biohacking:

(v): To change or take control of your biology, allowing you to upgrade your mind and body through the advent of science and technology. Making your body function more efficiently both mentally and physically.

(n): Science of becoming Superhuman

Mark Ainsworth

Imagine that when you bought your “New” computer, everything was working fast and optimal, but as time went on and new software was downloaded, your system became a little slower. Now updates and viruses from being exposed to the world have begun to severly slow or crash the entire system. This is what happens as we age so we need to clean up the exposure and return the effective processes or cellular repair, remove inflammation and heal.

You are what you eat and drink we have heard but don’t attribute this to illness. We use food as energy and need it for repair and to build our bodies from the inside-out. Diet along with exercise changes the body completely which is why the importance equal to 80% is placed on food, and only 20% is placed on exercise. This is the first building block of taking your health back when so many of us gave it away and thought we could never regain control. When we look into biohacking which involves new technology to help promote cell growth, repair and regeneration we introduce Super Human Performance - Taking the three things we must have to survive: 5 Wavelengths of Light, Oxygen Therapy and Magnetic Energy.

SuperHuman Training advanced technology offered right here in Costa Mesa, on the border of Newport Beach, Orange County, California!

First, BEMER Technology improves microcirculation and promotes blood flow in the smallest blood vessels. This improves the performance of the body's cells, which in turn favours the body's own self-healing powers.

Second, EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy) where 93% oxygen is introduced via a medical grade mask and an exercise regiment of 15 minutes with (3) 1-minute intervals increase cells energy and amount of oxygen in blood plasma.

Third, Light Therapy known as Photobiomodulation uses LEDs to improve tissue repair, reduce pain and inflammation in a 8-15 minute session.

Other technologies include BOA Max 2 Compression Therapy to process toxins through lymphatic drainage, NanoVi to repair oxidative damage so that cells can metabolize oxygen better.

We are on the cutting edge of technology where we can look at pain, illness and body function can be reviewed and resolved with these proven treatments.