PEMF treatment in Orange County rejuvenates and helps control pain. This therapy is a powerful way to get on top of your chronic symptoms and stay at the top of your game. Body Center Day Spa offers two unique units, giving you the control you need to thrive.

What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Filed therapy?

Stimulating cells is a powerful way to improve recovery and get on top of your aches. Electromagnetic fields send positive signals to your cells, promoting regeneration.

The body uses signals to consume cells for energy or kickstart repairs. The more positive signals the body receives, the more likely it is to recover. When the number of beneficial signals outweighs those requesting energy, mitochondria and organelles strengthen.

Why do my cells degenerate?

Cells store energy. Injury, workouts, and illnesses force the body to consume this energy. Factors including disease such as prolonged exposure to sun can also damage the DNA. When the cells replicate, the damage is copied to the new cell.

A growing body of evidence shows that it is possible to mimic the pulses pushing the body to recover. PEMF produces the same pulse used by the body, overwhelming sells with positive requests.

Natural healing

Surgeries, medicines, and chiropractic care may do more harm than good. Invasive procedures generate scar tissue in ways that impact body function.

PEMR is entirely natural. The machines used in this treatment create the same fields utilized by your body. There are no cuts, no pulling, and a wealth of supportive scientific research from groups such as the Boston General Hospital.

Full body regeneration

Promoting cell repair is a general treatment. Almost any part of your body benefits from using a PEMF machine. There is no cell seeking medicines as capable.

Where can I find a home use PEMF machine?

Your schedule is busy. Obtaining holistic care does not always fit into a normal 9 to 5 schedule. It can be increasingly difficult to get the help you need to be your best.

Body Center Day Spa sells multiple types of PEMR machines for athletes and ordinary citizens. Get control over every aspect of your treatment with our quality equipment.

Specific Equestrian devices

PEMF manufacturing continues to improve. Researchers as well as designers work hard to create devices conforming to the needs of different sports and lifestyles.

Machines produced specifically for equestrian enthusiasts and competitors target the muscles most impacted by riding. Other sports are in the crosshairs.

PEMF treatment in Orange County

Those seeking PEMF or BEMER therapy in Costa Mesa need to look no farther than Body Center Day Spa. We are one of the only businesses selling machines in Orange County.

PEMF is a natural and powerful way to get on top of your aches, pains, and recovery. Our experts will help you find the treatment and devices you need. Get in touch with us today or visit our online store to purchase a potent PEMF or BEMER device today.

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