BC Fitness provides clients with a complimentary fitness assessment. During this assessment we will discuss your fitness goals, and then gather vital statistics such as: Body Fat percentage, Basel Metabolic Rate, and your Body Mass Index. Also we will include a complete Postural and Functional Movement Assessment, once completed you will be given a custom physical fitness profile. This process evaluates your strengths and weaknesses which will begin to help us achieve your fitness goals.


50-Minute Session: Our most popular program! 50-minute one-on-one sessions, with a Nationally Certified Personal trainer who will take you through workouts designed to help you reach your specific goals.  

25-Minute Session: Short on time? Perfect, NO problem! Experience the benefits of personal training during sessions that help you stay on track and keep you moving in the right direction. There is no wasted energy in this session. Weather your short on time or just have a busy lifestyle this 25-Minutes session is a terrific way to keep you on track to reaching your fitness goals.

Dynamic Duo Session: Great for Couples to share training or come in at the same time! Maybe to help you on your journey or just want the motivation of a workout partner? (such as a spouse, friend or teammate) No problem! In a Dynamic session you and your partner will have the all the benefits and guidance of a personal trainer. During these 50-minute sessions, will take you both through challenging series and fun workouts. It’s a great way to include some friendly competition and moral support in your fitness routine. The cost of each sessions is split between the partners.


New Client Gym & Massage Package $109

Includes a FREE Fitness Assessment, 30-Minute Workout with a Certified Trainer and 50-Minute Sports Massage! Valid for all new customers. Limit one per customer. Not to be combined with any other offer. Must be presented prior to purchase.

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