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At BodyCentre Day Spa, we offer a wide range of Facial with Peels treatments. These include Lactic Acid Peel & Facial, Glycolic Acid Peel & Facial, Jessner Acid Peel & Facial, Salicylic Acid Peel & Facial, and Mandelic Acid Peel & Facial.

Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your skin tone, remove wrinkles, or reduce acne, we have the ideal treatment for you. We guarantee you quality and excellent services that give complete customer satisfaction.

Why is My Face Peeling?

Naturally, human skin peels. Peeling is its way of removing and replacing dead cells. Skin peeling is harmless. However, it can be discomforting. The flaking of your skin itself is not good to look at. The reasons why your facial skin peels are because of:

  • Sunburn

  • Dry skin

  • Medication

  • Allergies

  • Skin condition

  • Health conditions such as eczema

  • Cold or hot showers

  • Use of products that causes skin dryness

Is a Facial Peel Good for Your Skin?

The facial peel works by removing the top layer of your skin to speed up the formation of new cells. When the skin top layer is exposed to external weather conditions, such as the sun, chemical products, allergies, skin conditions, and so forth, they get weak and die. After their death, they need to be removed so that new skin cells can grow.

Face peels cannot be masked wearing make-ups as it worsens the condition. Rather, face peels are done applying a chemical or natural process to accelerate the exfoliation and the turnover of the cells.

What are the Types of Facial Peels?

Different skins require a varying degree of peeling to expedite the exfoliation process. Facial peeling using chemicals are of different types as follows:

  • Lactic Acid Peel & Facial: The lactic acid peel is derived from milk and is used on skins that are sensitive to retinol containing products. It is ideal when dealing with pigmentation issues and gives little to no visible peeling.

  • Glycolic Acid Peel & Facial: Because of its molecular size, it is used to treat aging skin and wrinkles. The treatment also rejuvenates the skin, thus, increasing its strength and firmness.

  • Jessner Acid Peel & Facial: This involves the brushing of a mixture of lactic acid, resorcinol, and salicylic acid on the skin to remove the top skin layers making way the growth of new ones. It treats sun damage, fine wrinkles, and heals scars.

  • Salicylic Acid Peel & Facial: Suitable for all skin types, it is used for treating rough skin, post-inflammatory pigmentation, acne, oily skin, and acne vulgaris.

  • Mandelic Acid Peel & Facial: It is a gentle chemical peel on the skin to rejuvenate skin tone, unclog pores, reduce acne, and remove wrinkles. Above all, it is suitable for all skins.

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