LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy using red light is able to stimulate the skin cells fibroblasts into producing more collagen. This will firm and smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

In addtion to this, clinical studies have shown that red light also reduces inflammation in the cells of the body which is exactly why light therapy is able to integrate seamlessly with other treatment modalities. By reducing inflammation, the mechanisms working in peptides, for example, and able to work into the skin over time much easier and deliver their chemical compounds where necessary.

Light therapy sessions are fast – about 18-30 minutes (depending on the equipment used), painless, require no down time, and are said to be very relaxing. While results can take between 4-8 weeks, most users feel a pleasant, warm glow after each treatment.

Advanced technology offered right here in Costa Mesa, on the border of Newport Beach, Orange County, California!


Composed with 5 Sections of LED Lights to contour to any area

Each module has 364 units

High Intensity LED lights

Total is 1820 LED lights

Total Treatment Area is up to 970cm2



The Red Light 633nm Wrinkle Reduction

Blue light 417nm Acne Treatment

Infrared Light 850nm Wound Healing

Red/Blue Combination

Red/Infrared Combination

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