All Parties Including Birthday, Bridal, Bachelorette, Graduation, Corporate Events, Friends Celebrations, Romantic Couples Options:

Fresh baked Cake, Pies, Cheesecake, Cookies, Pecan Bars & Cupcakes

Charcuterie Boards, Fruit Trays, Homemade Pizza, Lasagna or Custom Menu

Breakfast at the Bar: We set the bar table and make it special for an in-dining experience while your party awaits their spa experience.

Oatmeal Banana Casserole, Egg Ramiken, Fruit Tray, Baked Goodie & Orange Juice. ($25 per person)

Egg Frittata, Smashed Parmesian Chive Potatoes, Fresh Baked Scones or Muffins, Fruit Tray, Sparkling Cider & Orange Juice. ($30 per person)

Everything is made from scratch in our Spa Kitchen just for you and your event!

Gratuity is automatically added to parties of 3 or more at 20%.

Contact Kelley for event booking information: (714) 668-9925 or