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Systemic benefits of detoxification, improved circulation and energy throughout the entire body, changing the health of the cells and body, decrease inflammation, boost mitochondrial function, promote muscle recovery, improved muscle performance, boost blood circulation and reduce the inflammation that causes sore muscles, restoration of motion to joints, decreased post exercise soreness less pain and inflammation, earlier return to physical health, faster rate of recovery after injury, less soreness after exercise, faster recovery from exercise, boosts production of AdenosineTriphosphate & Nitric Oxide, releases natural endorphins, reduces free radical damage. Reduced fat and cardiometabolic risk factors, better sleep, less stress & depression. Wrinkles are reduced, skin becomes less saggy, elastin production is increased.

Soon to have integrated RIFE technology and plasma generator.

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Whole Body Photobiomodulation Therapy is a cornerstone of the emerging field of energy medicine. This non invasive therapy simultaneously affects Wellness, Cognition, Aesthetics and Performance. Feel, Think, Look and Perform Better

The positive cellular actions of detoxication, improved circulation, improved mitochondrial function (energy) coupled with an overall reduction in inflammation send a cascade of activities downstream that may benefit the tissues, organs and systems of the body. According to Harvard researcher Dr Hamblin, nearly every tissue, organ and system in the body benefits from the reactions triggered by the right light at the right wavelength in the right intensity.


The evidence supported in over 4000 clinical trials and 500 RCT’s is clear. The research suggests:

Wellness Benefits may accrue from minor aches and pains to root cause healing of deep seated health conditions.

Cognitive Benefits have been shown with TBI, CTE’s, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons disease and more.

Aesthetic Benefits Like a facial for the entire body, increases in Collagen thickness and Elastin tightening may improve skintone for face and body.

Performance Benefits for athletes may include improvement in Strength, Speed, Endurance and it is shown to provide a Protective function against mechanical injuries that may occur in competition, speeding recovery time.

Mitochondria, Aging and PBM

Mitochondria are the motors in the body that produce ATP.  ATP is the fuel that cells use to thrive.  A current theory on aging suggests that as we age, the mitochondria become damaged by free radicals and toxicity. Photobiomodulation has been shown to slow, halt and even reverse Mitochondrial Dysfunction and improve production of ATP.   This improves cellular energy and slows cell death. 

Photobiomodulation for Healthy People

Athletes who break their own personal best records with PBM light therapy have performance as a measurable benchmark. People suffering from pain or illness have the reduction of pain or illness as a benchmark. In both cases, light is triggering cellular changes that cascade down into and change the tissues organs and systems which improves how their bodies are performing. While a healthy person may not have measurable or noticeable benchmarks, the changes are still taking place.

Targeting with Multiple Wavelengths

Like a multivitamin supplement, different PBM wavelengths may trigger different reactions in the cells. Red may be better at triggering detoxication, circulation and energy within the skin, while near infrared may trigger similar reactions deeper inside the body.

Green PBM might better stimulate positive changes in the hemoglobin and improving circulation. Understanding the effects of each wavelengths can help system designers target treatment outcomes for certain populations.

Red Light PBM Costa Mesa

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