ARRC LED is a Global Leader in Full Body LED Light Therapy with a selection of photobiomodulation beds for different needs and budgets.

The ARRC’s, ATP and ATP RF* photobiomodulation beds  offer Programmable WavelengthsProgrammable PulseMultiVariate Pulse and *Condition Specific Pulsing Protocols. 

ATP is a 220V, 30 Amp, 5000 Watt machine of extraordinary irradiance.

ATP and ATP RF are the most powerful, technologically advanced LED Light Therapy Systems on the planet…period.  More important, the per wavelength energies in each of the Red and Near Infrared wavelengths fall within the 40 – 60 mw/cm2 performance zone recommended by Dr Hamblin.  ATP is dose optimized for individual wavelengths, not just cumulative energy.  What this means is that unique biological responses of each wavelength are optimized for maximum penetration into the body.

German LED’s for highest lighting and power efficiencies, brightest irradiance and efficacies

  • LED lifetime rating over 200,000 hours for decades of use

  • Engineered, Designed, Built and Sourced in the United States

  • Modular Design for ease of access to make changes and upgrades as innovations arise

  • Super strong aluminum alloy frameset designed for decades of use in an XL size frameset for professional athletes

  • ‘In the zone’ irradiance delivers perfected power PER wavelength optimizing each wavelength’s penetration and benefits

  • Cumulative irradiance in high 80’s reduces treatment time (5 – 15 min)

  • Can comfortably reach Dr. Hamblins suggested 100,000 Joule recommendation

  • Multiple wavelengths for Unique Biological Responses

  • 528, 633, 660, 810 & 850 nm wavelength choices

  • * Programmable multiple wavelengths creates customizable protocols if desired (recommend POLY)

  • * Programmable pulse options creates customizable protocols in the RF system (patent pending)

  • Multivariate pulse allows for multiple frequency pulsing in a single session (patent pending)

  • Preset Anti-Inflammatory pulse rate

  • Continuous current option for maximum dose and shorter sessions for quicker turn in the system

  • * Patent Pending pulse protocols will lead technology for decades and “help benefit the medical industry”

  • * Patent pending integrative therapy will lead technology for decades and create an entirely new treatment modality

  • * Condition specific protocol programming will lead technology for decades (patent pending)

  • Touch screen with simplified controls and wifi capability

  • Customizable color options for your custom facility.

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