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The BOA Max 2 Compression therapy offers clients several unique protocols of application, including sports massage and beauty treatments. A typical session ranges from 45-60 minutes. Clients use this application for recovery from exercise and enhancement of general well being.

BOA Max offers a 24 compression chamber system that covers the entire legs and hip area - as opposed to just the legs - which achieves much greater benefit according to our professional athletes.

The jacket (Sold separately) offers a 24 compression chamber system that covers the upper body including full arms, shoulders, back and chest. We use this for athletes, like boxers, rowers and clients who have had upper body surgery either cosmetic or personal to move edema or shoulder surgery.

 The slimming effects of the BOA Max 2 have made the device a popular modality in the beauty industry.

The BOA Max 2 Device features a 24 chamber compression mechanism and is the only device in the world featuring an algorithm base on Danish Dr. Emil Vodder’s manual massage method. The technology behind this are 12 individual valves, which separately control each compression chamber. While developed for lymphatic drainage and rehabilitation/recovery, the BOA has gained popularity with clients in the U.S. due to it’s slimming effects on legs and gluteus.

Aesthetics, Rehabilitaion & Wellness prevent the development of cellulite
stop the accumulation of cellulite and fluids

Prevent and eliminate varicose in the first stage

Shape legs, abdomen & buttocks

Strengthen loose skin (post pregnancy/weight loss)

Relieve “heavy legs”

Speed up recovery of skin after liposuction and lipolysis

Accelerate recovery from exercise

These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.
Statements are based on European Research and Publications.