A facial in Newport beach will leave you relaxed and ready to tackle your day. Stress is a major contributor to disease, poor decision making, and a variety of other problems. Let our masseuses treat you to the ultimate relaxation experience.

How does stress affect my life?

Stress is something you do not want in your life. Facial tension is a natural occurrence related to periods of emotional or physical stress.

Common symptoms of facial tension include tingling, reddening, headaches, and even lip damage. Related headaches are typically felt across the forehead.

No matter what your experience is, facial tension has a variety of unwanted consequences. Tension creates other forms of stress in your life. Over time, this form of stress leads to wrinkles as well.

How can I relieve stress?

Releasing facial tension through a quality massage, especially with a peel, leaves your face glowing. Get on top of everything from headaches to aging with a spa-grade treatment. These treatments are not a waste of time but an excellent way to improve your overall health.

Facials target one of the most critical areas where we display how we feel. Smiling, frowning, glaring, and raising your eyebrows are all ways to show emotion. The use of facial muscles wanted or not, creates tension. A soft and welcoming massage along with a peel to rejuvenate your skin will keep you looking young.

What are the benefits of a facial?

Facials provide multiple benefits ranging from detoxification and the treatment of acne to aging prevention. Touch alone provides significant benefits for stress.

Through increased blood circulation, you leave looking better than ever. Regular facials boost cell regeneration and collagen development leaving you with looking younger and feeling refreshed.

A deep clean

One of the most unsung benefits of a facial is the ability to cleanse your skin. Women are particularly at risk for acne in every stage of their lives. Stress, genetics, activity, and diet all cause oils and dirt to rise or cling to our faces.

The compounds in a peel attach to the dirt and oils, removing impurities. This treatment prevents acne while performing a cleanse you simply cannot get at home.

Fits your schedule

Finding a spa treatment that fits your schedule is not difficult. Body Center Day Spa not only offers 50-minute relaxation treatments and facials at low prices but works with clients to fit their schedule.

We understand that you are busy. Life does not stop so you can obtain the benefits of stress relief. Stop and relax with us at a time you can enjoy.

Facial in Newport Beach

From the minute you step foot in Body Care Day spa to the time you leave, we treat you right. The aroma of fresh baked goods wafts through the spa. Treat yourself to a day of relaxation in a caring and loving environment.

Our facials take care of your skin and your life. Feel less stressed and look younger with us. Visit our website to schedule an appointment today.