Several skin cells die every day. Failure to remove these old, dead skin cells can lead to dry patches, flaky skin, and clogged pores. HydraFacial offers a great way to remove these dead skin cells, thus, leaving you with youthful and vibrant skin. For your HydraFacial in Newport Beach, BodyCentre Day Spa is the ideal place to turn to.

For several years, we have been recognized to provide top-class HydraFacial treatments and excellent services to clients all over Newport Beach and the entire California area. Our HydraFacial in Costa Mesa is guaranteed to restore your skin health and vitality. We guarantee you outstanding services that give 100% customer satisfaction.

What is HydraFacial Treatment?

HydraFacial treatment is a multi-step skin rejuvenation procedure that involves the clearing out of dead skin cells from your skin pores and hydration. It is a hugely demanded procedure which is reflected by the over 2 millions treatments made in 2018.

This treatment involves four steps, including cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating, by injecting a serum into the skin using a handheld device with different HydroPeel tips. It is suitable for all skin types and helps to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, and reduced pore size.

What are the Benefits of HydraFacial?

Some of the benefits of HydraFacial treatment include:

It is Comfortable: Most other skin rejuvenating procedures are normally accompanied by a burning sensation during and after the treatment. Such is not seen with the HydraFacial treatment. It is a spa treatment that is relaxing and enjoyable, notwithstanding the type of skin you have.

It is Safe: You can be assured that there will not be health complications during and after the HydraFacial treatment. Very few people report cases of skin irritation, not to mention lethal reactions.

Quick Recovery: There is no preparation needed before performing the treatment. You can get back to your feet performing your daily activities immediately after the treatment. It does not deny you from putting on your make up after you are done.

Instant Results: Those that have undergone the HydraFacial treatment are bound to see immediate smoothing and rejuvenation of the skin. The procedure and the result take as little as 30 minutes to get done and manifest, respectively. The immediate results last up to 7 days or more.

Healthier Skin: HydraFacial treatment reduced facial wrinkles, fine lines, restores its firmness, enhances texture, eliminates visible pores, blackheads, and hyper-pigmentation. This makes your skin glow and looks healthy.

It is Affordable: HydraFacials are cheap facial procedures to keep your face looking young and vibrant regularly. The cost of getting one depends on your location.

Your facial skin deserves great care. The HydraFacial treatment is here for you to achieve this. Get one today at BodyCentre Day Spa to rejuvenate the look of your skin and look radiant.

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