Not all fats can be removed through diet and exercise. Lipo treatment provides an efficient way to remove these fats. For your lipo treatment in Costa Mesa, BodyCentre Day Spa is the ideal place to turn to. We are a reputable Spa, Fitness and Performance Center service clients in Costa Mesa and the entire California area.

What’s more, our lipo treatment and cosmetic procedures are performed using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques. All the processes involved in the procedure are handled by our qualified team of experts. With this, we are able to achieve excellent results. Whether you are looking to eliminate excess fat in your hips, arms, thighs, belly, back, buttocks, or face, our lipo treatment in Cost Meta is perfect for you.

What is Lipo Treatment?

The lipo is a cosmetic procedure that targets to eliminate excess fats in particular areas of the body. This is an alternative method to get rid of fat that you could not through exercise or diet. It is often carried around the buttocks, necks, chin, calves, back, thigh, abdomen, and so forth, to remove the fats and confer shape to these areas. The excess fat is removed using a hollow tube with a high-pressure vacuum. Lipo treatment is also used for breast reduction.

What are the Benefits of Lipo Treatment?

The lipo treatment comes with several benefits that make it a highly sought-after cosmetic procedure. These benefits include:

  • Lipo treatment reduces the perspiration of the body, especially the armpits, and chafing of the thighs.

  • Overall weight gain is reduced, improving your health as chances of health ailments are decreased.

  • The fats around some areas of the body are reduced. This brings out the shape as the area of the removed fat conforms to the contour.

  • It prevents you from having health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and more that are associated with weight gain.

  • This cosmetic procedure contributes to the treatment of lipodystrophy syndrome that is experienced when there is fat metabolism disturbance leading to the build-up of excess fat in some areas of the body.

  • Hormone imbalances and irregularities are avoided by fat removal, which, in turn, improves one's appearance and overall well-being.

  • It affects one to maintain a good health habit such as exercising and dieting.

  • There is no bruising mark that will dent the appearance of your body.

  • Recovery is quick as you up running your daily affairs in a matter of a few days.

Does Liposuction Really Work?

Liposuction is an effective cosmetic procedure that permanently removes fat cells and changes the shape of the body. It does not leave you with any life-threatening condition. Before you undergo the procedure, you should visit a medical expert to examine and ascertain that you are in good health for it.

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