NanoVi Session & Packages


NanoVi Session & Packages

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+ Reduce oxidative stress on cells
+ Improved nutrient utilization
+ Improved immune system function
+ Increased overall energy (more stamina)
+ Lower toxin levels

Cell damage is natural, and is going to occur. NanoVi™ cannot prevent cell damage, but is designed to help cells after the damage has already occurred.

How does NanoVi™ make a signal that is bio-identical to what our bodies make?

The simple answer is that we create a specific electromagnetic wave that has precisely the same wavelength as the ‘good’ (excited) ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) produces in our cells. We were not the ones to figure out how important this wavelength is in initiating cellular repair. That work was done by cell biologists, specifically scientists studying REDOX signaling.

Our innovation is to generate the precise and measurable signal inside the NanoVi™ device, without producing any ROS. The signal is transferred to humidity (absorbed) and the effect is delivered to you across humidified air. Avoiding the production of any kind of reactive oxygen species is a key aspect of NanoVi™ technology. University research verified that NanoVi™ technology produces precisely the correct signal.

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