PEMF in Orange County helps you get on top of those classic sunny days and stay at peak performance. Get in control of aches and pains with these proven devices sold only at Body Center Day Spa. Our professionals know how to help you feel and look powerful.

Where can I find a PEMF or BEMER machine in Orange County?

Not everyone has the time to schedule and appointment with a modern spa. Our schedules continue to pull us to work, activities with our children, and other social or family events. There simply no time in life to take care of our needs anymore.

Home use machines eliminate the need to plan around business hours. We sell several different devices with varying degrees of control for the athlete and ordinary hard-working person.

Does PEMF work?

Boston General Hospital and a growing number of scientific researchers found that electromagnetic pulse therapy reduces pain and promotes cellular regeneration.

No study found a negative impact. Instead, each reports a degree of success using this specifically calibrated technology.

In what way does PEMF work?

The body produces signals causing cell death and regeneration. Whether a cell starts to deteriorate depends on whether the number of positive signals outweighs attempts to consume the cell for nutrition or due to excessive damage.

Forcing the body to repair damaged cells strengthens the mitochondria and organelles. This results in less damaged cloning while increasing the rate of recovery.

Can PEMF improve damaged skin?

PEMF or BEMER improves cell health. Since the skin is made of cells, these machines improve skin health and wellness.

Devices using electromagnetic pulses and freezing technology are also used to tighten skin. The Venus Freeze is a common tool to help make patients look younger through pulse technology.

Holistic recovery and pain management

This treatment specifically targets recovery and pain relief. Invasive surgeries and other treatments create scar tissue that is difficult to repair. Pain medicines are addictive and increasingly not recommended for anything but mild to severe symptoms.

Electromagnetic pulse therapy is holistic. Avoiding knives and needles while improving the entire area creates a recovery avoiding future complications. There are no addictive medicines and no need to worry.

PEMF therapy is safe and easy. No negative effects are reported when using electromagnetic therapies and BEMER does not attempt to freeze body parts. The only effective ingredient is the natural and beneficial response to stimulation.

PEMF in Orange county

PEMF is a potent holistic treatment targeting damaged cells. Whether you are looking for a faster workout recovery or attempting to get in control of chronic pain, these devices help. There are even machines dedicated to equestrian enthusiasts as manufacturers continue to embrace the technology.

Body Center Day Spa in Costa Mesa offers full body care from facials to PEMF. We sell FDA approved machines for home use, allowing you to fit treatment with your busy schedule.

If you are in pain or want to perform at your peak, get in touch with us today.

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