PEMF therapy in Orange County leaves you better than ever. Stimulating your cells the natural way improves functionality and reduces pain without complication. Body Center Day Spa is the ultimate Costa Mesa body-hacking organization, providing the care and comfort you deserve.

What is PEMF?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy mimics the way your body causes cells to regenerate. Damaged cells are not always told to disintegrate by the body. Instead, they pass on damaged DNA and other organelles to create less-effective cells.

When the body sends more signals to recover than degenerate, your cells start to recover. This therapy overloads your body with positive pulses inspiring natural and effective recovery without invasive or damaging procedures.

Is PEMF proven to work?

Research shows a recognizable effect for pain management and the improvement of functionality in those suffering from major pain or disease. Boston General Hospital published these findings in a literature review on the National Center for Biotechnology Information Website.

The review found no negative effects from the use of PEMF devices. In fact, they found that twice-daily application produced the best results.

What does PEMF work on?

Electromagnetic pulses are used in many treatments the Venus Freeze, introduced in the United States in 2011, combines this technology with temperature variance to tighten skin.

PEMF works directly on the skin, muscles, bone, and organs to promote regeneration. Athletes working towards peak performance and those with debilitating illnesses are the target market for this treatment. However, cell damage results from almost anything including prolonged exposure to the sun.

What if I cannot fit PEMF therapy on my schedule?

Devices used for the application of PEMF therapy are portable. The Food and Drug Administration approved multiple devices for home use.

Our schedules betray us. Demands of the modern workplace and life make it nearly impossible to break away for even thirty minutes. You might need to be present without reprieve for multiple eight-hour shifts on the same day.

Having a personal machine allows you to take control of your therapy schedule. Apply treatment once in the morning and once before bed for the ultimate effect. Body Center Day Spa offers devices for everyday use and those looking to perform at their absolute best.

Recovering after a horseback ride

With positive reviews, manufacturers are looking to incorporate PEMF into specific applications. Equestrian enthusiasts have a device specifically tailored for their leg muscles.

The shape of your device influences the delivery of treatment. Over time, manufacturers more targeted machines will enter the market.

PEMF therapy in Orange County

Holistic treatment is the perfect way to get on top of pain and soreness. There are no surgeries, no harmful medications or stimulants, and no negative side effects to PEMF or BEMER.

Body Center Day Spa offers targeted body hacking and quality PEMF devices for personal use. If you want a safe and fast way to recover, get back in action with one of our quality machines. Visit our website or contact us today for more information.

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