Skincare in Costa Mesa is the perfect way to look your best. Feel right and look great with Body Center Day Spa. From the instant smell of fresh baked goods to relaxing facials and rejuvenating treatments, we help our customers stay ready to tackle anything.

How does skincare help me?

The skin is the first line of defense. This canvas is impacted by everything we touch and encounter. Rain, wind, and gravity wear down our skin.

Caring for this vital organ is both healthy and socially beneficial. The nerves in the skin create sensations that with serious psychological benefits as well. A relaxing massage and the pressure from touch are release endorphins relieving tension.

Can I reverse the effects of aging?

Everyone ages. As we breathe and live, gravity pulls on the skin. Wrinkles form, cellulite-like skin forms around the joints, and our skin generally loosens.

Treatments help to tighten skin, eliminate cellulite, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Removing toxins regularly allows cells to regenerate while boosting collagen development. It is possible to obtain younger looking skin and regain your glow.

How can a facial benefit me?

Facials are a great way to release stress and remove impurities. Relaxing massage has psychological benefits.

Peels attach to dirt, oils, and scum. The overall impact is a deep clean that will leave you feeling better than ever. This reduces acne while taking care of your skin, promoting rejuvenation.

Tackling cellulite with cool sculpting

The body obtains fat which sometimes pushes through fibers and muscle tissue. Resulting fat bubbles are not the same smooth layer we are used to. When this happens, the deposits remain under the skin, creating depressions that leave an orange-peel like consistency.

It is possible to eliminate some of the look of cellulite through appropriate diet and exercise, but this is not always the case. Body Center Day Spa offers cool sculpting treatments in Costa Mesa with a proven impact. Studies revealed that the process of burning away fat deposits with precision targeting reduces the impact of cellulite by as much as 25 percent.

How can I recover from hard exercise?

Exercise deprives cells of oxygen. This increases wear and tear on the skin. Oxygen helps repair cells while depriving the body of oxygen heightens aging.

We offer the cutting edge MAXXO2 treatment in California that boosts recovery and has serious health benefits. Breathing pure oxygen untainted by nitrogen and other chemicals pushes your body to kickstart repairs through positive signals as opposed to the negative signals associated with anaerobic exercise.

Skincare in Costa Mesa

Your skin is our job. Your happiness is our mission. We strive to help you feel and look better. Obtain healthier, better skin through cutting edge technologies and treatments.

Our facials leave you feeling better, cool sculpting reduces cellulite, and MAXXO2 allows you to push your limits without looking older. Visit your website to find out more. We would love to host you with fresh baked goods, expert attention, and care and love.